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AxIT System

Providing Accurate Biofeedback to Measure Rehabilitation and Strength

AxIT Performance Assessment

Our Sports Injury Rehabilitation Program helps athletes of all levels recover quickly and safely due to our recent introduction of the AxIT System Technology.

The AxIT System is a set of technology designed to objectively measure, track and monitor the strength and mobility of our clients. It assesses muscle force production patterns and performance measures during any type of movement and exercise such as running and jumping.

This allows both us as health professionals and you as a client, to conduct a performance assessment so we can collect actionable data to create the most optimal rehabilitation/training program.

The ability to identify imbalances or weakness and then compare it to baseline results create the perfect reference to track progress over time.

Axit System

How Will Our Program Help?

The great thing about the AxIT System is that it is suitable for everyone. Whether you are seeing an EP at SIS to improve sporting performance, to rehabilitating an injury or maintaining a chronic disease, it is the perfect assessment tool that can be implemented into any plan. Below are a few examples of how it can be utilised:

Client: Return to Sport- ACL Rehabilitation
AxIT screening can measure single leg hop, knee flexion strength and squatting patterning.

Client: 20-30 y.o Male who is plateauing in their training.
AxIT screening can measure squat and lunge strength, rotational core strength, mid-thigh pull, and jump power testing.

Client: Golfer competing in regular competitions looking to improve their performance.
AxIT screening can measure core rotational force and stability, back muscles strength, glute strength and hip movement and strength. This can be applied to their program to see what areas of movement/strength need to be improved.

Client: Client with osteoporosis who is a high falls risk and needs to do weight bearing activity.
AxIT screening can measure the fundamental weight-bearing movements such as squat, lunge and upper body push/pull to identify strength/mobility weakness and improvements in balance.

We regularly feature out AxIT system with our clients on our Instagram- have a look here to see how it works: Instragram


See what our clients have to say about us

I couldn’t recommend Matisse enough! Took the time to listen to every facet of my medical history and was able to make me understand what was happening and how it can be improved. Her kind nature and enthusiasm about helping people makes sessions incredibly fun and personalised. I leave my sessions feeling accomplished and confident in myself! The facilities and vibe are exactly what I have been wanting and with Matisse’s expertise I am excited to see the improvements in my overall health as well as my specific medical needs.

Emma Jalalaty

Matisse impresses me with the care and professional approach to my personal aims and objectives and over a period of sessions she devised a suitable programme for me. I particularly enjoy her warm smile, friendly demeanour and positivity. Whilst some of the sessions are hard work her constant encouragement makes it all worthwhile. The excellent gym equipment and friendly environment is a further encouragement for me.

Trevor J

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Meet the specialist

Matisse Hasler

Exercise Physiologist

Health and sport has always been an integral part of my life and being an exercise physiologist allowed me to bring passion into my career. Being an elite athlete allowed me to become an athletics coach for the Special Olympics which cultivated my passion to help other people improve their movement through exercise. From there I completed a degree in Exercise Physiology (Honours) which allowed me to gain experience in many opportunities.


  1. Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise Physiology) Hons
  2. ASCA Level 1
  3. Cert 3 Group Fitness
  4. First Aid
  5. Fitness Australia Pre and Post Natal Course
  6. Owner/Director of Sydney Injury Specialists
Exercise Physiologist

matisse Hasler

Exercise Physiologist

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I claim with Private Health Insurance?

Yes- this service is claimable as Exercise Physiology and is covered by most private health funds. Please check with your health fund provider to see if you can receive a rebate for Exercise Physiology.

What type of hardware is the AxIT system?

The complete AxIT physical assessment system features two Stomp-IT force plates, one Push-IT handheld strength assessment tool and one Pull-IT tension strength assessment device. Data is displayed via bluetooth to the AxIT systems purpose designed analysis software on an accompanying system tablet and a report can be generated with the results. .

How long does the rehabilitation process usually take?

The assessment time can vary depending on whether the assessment is for performance, prevention or rehabilitation. We book you in for a 60 min assessment but the assessment normally ranges from 40 to 60 minutes.

If I am new to the gym, is this worth it for me?

100%! The assessment is an excellent way to objectively see the muscle imbalances through objective data. We generate a report for you to take home that allows you to keep track of your progress. For beginners to exercise or rehabilitation we use the AxIT System to measure foundational movements such as squat, hinge and lunge to ensure there are no muscle imbalances and technique is perfect.

What tests are used for the Force Plates?

 Some of the tests we assess include squat technique, lunges, jump and Hop variations, push up technique, isometric mid thigh pull, workplace lifting tests and shoulder strength tests.

What tests are used for the Push-IT?

Some of the tests we assess include rotator cuff injury assessment, elbow flexion and extension, wrist and thumb strength for osteoarthritis, hip strength testing for hip replacement rehabilitation, knee flexion and extension for ACL rehabilitation and foot and ankle strength for sporting ligament injuries.

What tests are used for the Pull-IT?

 We use the Pull-IT for isometric testing: an important assessment in the acute phase of an injury. Some of the tests we use to assess acute musculoskeletal injury include: eccentric hamstring strength, isometric core strength, isometric hip abduction, isometric knee strength, isometric shoulder strength, hand therapy and isometric external rotation.

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